Short Courses

Three students laugh as they ride a cycle on the Perkins track.

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Short Courses
Pat Ryan, Supervisor
P: 617-972-7812
F: 617-972-7231

Short Courses offer public school students who are blind or visually impaired the opportunity to focus on Expanded Core Curriculum areas that can be difficult to address within a school day, such as personal care, health and wellness, independent living and social skills. From resume writing seminars to practical cooking skills, our programs span far beyond traditional academic curriculum.

Staff will work with family members and teachers to identify the best program fit for each student. At the end of each program, families participate in an informational meeting that outlines ways to carry the skills learned into the home and school environment. The programs change annually and are designed with a specific age group in mind.

The many benefits of our varied programs include:

  • A safe place to explore independence and practice life skills
  • A chance to socialize with peers with visual impairment or blindness
  • An opportunity to develop self-awareness and practice self-advocacy


Upcoming Short Courses

Adaptive Ski Festival February 12 (All day) | Sugarloaf Mountain (Meet at Perkins) Students enjoy skiing at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine, at the annual New England Blind & VI Ski Festival (NEVI Fest). No previous ski experience needed. (FULL)
Winter Vacation Theater Program February 19 (All day) | Northeast Building Students will participate in classes and rehearsals as well as attend a local theater production. (FULL)
Girls Weekend March 10 (All day) | Northeast Building Give girls a safe space to learn from each other and female instructors as well as to give them an opportunity to just be girls. Boys keep out!
Astronomy March 24 (All day) | Northeast Building The universe has puzzled great minds throughout history. Today we know more than ever before. Come join us as we search the stars and uncover new mysteries.
Camp Abilities April 16 (All day) | Northeast Building Sports help to build confidence and keep you healthy, active, and positive. Come join the team!
Robotics Weekend May 12 (All day) | Northeast Building Teamwork and innovation are key ingredients to building and programming robots.
Marine Exploration June 2 (All day) | Northeast Building Take a trip to Woods Hole and learn about Marine Sciences.