What to Expect from College Success @ Perkins

A group of young adult friends with their arms around each other

As a college student, you’ll have to sign up for classes, manage your own schedule and arrange for any accommodations you might need. Meals won’t magically make themselves, and of course, there’s always laundry.

College Success @ Perkins is customized to your individual needs, and you’ll be working on a variety of skills every day. Over the course of the year, you’ll learn:

  • How to live on your own
    Academic and independent living skills are equally important ingredients for college success. You’ll get an authentic dorm experience – complete with roommates – where you’ll learn how to cook and clean, shop for food and keep your spaces (somewhat) organized.
  • How to get good grades
    You’ll master classroom skills like note-taking and organization and practice working in groups to complete assignments. Expect to use the latest assistive technology to do research, write papers and communicate with professors.
  • How to get around
    No matter what your orientation and mobility skill level is now, our instructors will help you become a confident navigator. You’ll learn how to explore Boston, ride the subway and get from classrooms to your dorm with ease.
  • How to have fun, Boston-style
    College isn’t all classes and homework, and neither is College Success. You can practice your navigational skills by traveling to Fenway Park to cheer on the Red Sox, and work on social skills while shopping on Newbury Street in downtown Boston.
  • How to get a job
    You’ll spend the fall semester learning how to search, apply and interview for jobs. Come spring, you’ll get resume-building work experience by visiting local companies like Uber and State Street.