Prepare for Life

A student uses a braille notetaker during a technology lesson

College starts now

There’s no place more energizing than a college campus, but they often fall short when it comes to accessibility for students with visual impairment. At College Success, you’ll learn how to confidently navigate college campuses – from the dorms to the dining halls – and connect with disability officers to discuss accommodations. Preparing now will ensure you spend your freshman year studying and socializing, not struggling with accessibility issues.

Campus visits and overnights  

The best way to familiarize yourself with college is to spend time on campuses, and that’s exactly what you’ll do as part of College Success. In addition to regular campus visits, we’ll help you schedule overnight stays at local colleges like Harvard University or Boston College, where you’ll attend classes and share a dorm with a current student. You’ll also get a chance to socialize with sighted students and get the inside scoop on what college is really like.


The College Success @ Perkins curriculum includes a full range of classes taught by our experts. They’ll guide you through the application process and prepare you for college academically, socially and personally. You’ll choose your own classes based on your individual needs, and learn how to utilize state agencies and disability services, too.

In addition, you’ll get a head start on your degree by enrolling in a college course at a local university. Without the burden of a full course load, you’ll have time to focus on improving your study and organizational skills and practice things like group work and problem sets with support from Perkins educators.

With a real college course under your belt, you’ll know exactly what to expect when you walk into your first class your freshman year.

Planning for adulthood

College is the ideal time to begin thinking about your future. What are your skills and interests and how do they translate into a job? For students with visual impairment, it’s important to begin preparing for the world of work as soon as possible. Knowing your job preferences early on will help you tailor your college experience to meet your career goals.

Career exploration

College Success @ Perkins is about preparing you for what lies ahead, and that includes your career. During the fall semester, you’ll learn how to search for internships and jobs, submit applications and interview for positions. You’ll hear from a panel of employers about what they look for in a potential hire, and you’ll speak with professionals who are blind or visually impaired who have found jobs where they have been successful.

Workplace visits

During the spring semester, you’ll visit local companies and shadow employees in different departments and positions. You might discover that your dream finance job requires higher-level math courses, or that your personality is a great match for customer service, or that more business classes would help you become an entrepreneur. Either way, identifying your strengths and interests now will go a long way towards helping you secure a college internship, and eventually, a career.