Community Programs

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Teri Turgeon
Director, Community Programs

Perkins knows the classroom is just one place to learn. Community Programs brings a spectrum of services to students, families and education professionals throughout New England, wherever the need occurs, to ensure that every child who is blind or visually impaired can benefit from his or her optimum learning environment.

Our experts work with children in infancy through age 22, and our comprehensive services include everything from early-stage assessments and classroom support to transition planning for college, career and a lifetime of independence. We also share our first-hand knowledge and expertise with families, educators and other professionals, offering training, consultation and evaluations.

Our specialized areas of service include:

  • Infant/Toddler Program, designed for children from birth through age 3 to assess needs and provide learning solutions for the best possible start in life
  • Educational Partnerships, working with students ages 3 to 22, educators and families through classroom support, consultation for professionals, and assessments and evaluations for schools and districts
  • Transition Services, focused on older students' successful progression to career, higher education or community living as involved, contributing members of their communities
  • Outreach Short Courses, providing mainstream students with the space and time to focus on the educational, vocational and social experiences they need to become confident, independent adults
  • The New England Eye Low Vision Clinic at Perkins, one of the region's only sources of specialized eye care for individuals of all ages and multiple disabilities