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Perkins Training Center

The Perkins Training Center was created to give vision educators the extra tools they need to encourage every student who is blind or visually impaired to discover his or her own skills, passions and potential. We offer customized in-service training, workshops and professional development programs designed to address the individual needs of educators in a wide variety of settings. Since 2004, the Training Center has worked to share its resources with all disciplines in vision education, drawing from the expertise found at Perkins School for the Blind as well as its national network of authorities. As part of Perkins Training and Educational Resources Program, our programs are funded primarily through a combination of Perkins’ endowment and generous private foundations.

Customized Instruction for Vision Educators

A Shared Goal

Our training recipients are our partners in this shared mission to bring the best possible education to students. We serve a spectrum of professionals ranging from teachers of the visually impaired to public schools, districts, superintendents and early intervention specialists. We understand that training should be about improving performance – not interrupting it – so we work with clients to develop a flexible program that meets their needs and schedules. After training, we follow up to evaluate the program’s effectiveness and respond to any new or continued needs moving forward.

Customized Training

Our first step in developing each training program is to listen. Our team conducts a needs assessment to understand clients’ goals for in-service training. A program or workshop is then developed to address the particular needs and interests of each audience we serve. We design and conduct seminars, workshops, regional training, conferences and university approved continuing education training. Our programs take place on the Perkins campus, as well as at a variety of agencies, organizations and locations throughout the Northeast.


Our in-service programs draw upon a rich resource of expertise. Depending on our training recipients’ needs, we identify educators that may include Perkins’ own world-renowned teachers and clinicians, or a variety of acclaimed experts from around the country to share their knowledge and perspective. The possibilities are boundless, thanks to our extensive network of educators and nonprofit associations – all linked by an impassioned drive to improve the educational experience of children who are blind or visually impaired.

For more information, please contact:

Perkins Training Center
Perkins School for the Blind
175 North Beacon Street
Watertown, MA 02472
Phone: 617-972-7712
Fax: 617-972-7209

Workshops by Request

Perkins Training Center develops and conducts specially designed professional development seminars and workshops for schools, agencies and organizations that provide services to children with visual impairment. These workshops are needs based and developed collaboratively with key people in the organization.

We design in-service training programs and events to target issues that reflect the interests and needs of each individual audience we serve. Programs and topics of interest include:  Assessment, Assistive Technology, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Communication, Braille & Literacy, Consultation Skills, Effective Practice in Early Intervention/Early Childhood, Instructional Strategies in Core Curriculum, Physical Education, Tactile Graphics, Vision, Recreation and Leisure, Orientation and Mobility, Expanded Core Curriculum, etc.