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Teaching Resources

Teacher Kate guides a student's hands along a model of a DNA molecule

Hands-on learning in a Perkins science classroom

Knowledge is Most Powerful When it is Shared

Perkins has a well deserved reputation for being the teacher of teachers. Perkins experts are recognized pioneers and leaders in the field and we are sharing their collective knowledge with a worldwide audience.

Perkins Training & Educational Resources Program offers the following online resources for educators:

You can earn Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Educational Professionals (ACVREP) credits, Continuing Education credits, or Professional Development Points (PDPs) by viewing online tutorials and completing a short test confirming your participation. All you need to do is watch the tutorials at your own convenience, complete the test, and print your certificate.

Just go to
  • Webcasts: We have a growing collection of on demand educational videos developed by our experts and covering a variety of topics.

  • Webinars: Broadcasted *LIVE* and for free via Adobe Connect, participants have the opportunity to experience trainings and presentations from experts in the field of visual impairment and deafblindness.

  • Paths to Literacy: This website, which is a collaboration between Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) and Perkins, is an online hub for information and ideas about literacy for children who are blind or visually impaired, including those with additional disabilities. Find out how you can earn Continuing Education credits for posting strategies!

  • Perkins Scout: Explore reliable and authoritative online resources dealing with all aspects of living with blindness and visual impairment.

  • Samuel P. Hayes Research Library and Archives: Our new online catalog puts the Library’s collection of more than 40,000 resource materials on blindness and deafblindness at your fingertips.

  • Accessible Science: Find downloadable science activities that have been adapted for students who are visually impaired; a webcast on teaching accessible life sciences; online teaching resources; product tips; and more.

Training for professionals

Perkins trains more teachers, professionals and administrators working in blindness, deafblindness or multiple disabilities than any other agency in New England. Visit the Perkins Training Center Schedule to see our upcoming workshops, seminars and institutes. To view a complete chronological list of the Perkins Training Center's (PTC) trainings, visit Trainings offering online registration can be found on Perkins Events Calendar.

Additional Resources for Professionals

Here are some of the other ways you can benefit from the expertise and collective knowledge of Perkins staff: 

  • The Educational Partnerships Program provides assistance to professionals and families throughout New England by bringing together expert educators with parents, early intervention providers, school based personnel, and other agencies.

  • Perkins Publications: We write and produce publications designed as training guides for teachers, family members and other caregivers.

  • The Perkins Panda Early Literacy Program® provides valuable tools to teach fundamental early literacy skills to young children with visual impairments, helping parents be more involved in their child’s development.

  • Perkins' Assistive Device Center offers insight on the development of customized seating, games and educational materials for children with disabilities.