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Walk the talk: Orientation and mobility specialists live what they teach – by walking in their students' shoes

Orientation and mobility teachers are called specialists for a reason. Trainees log at least 100 hours blindfolded on city streets to walk miles in their students’ shoes – and teach from experience

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Perkins’ next great reinvention

Dave Power, parent of a son who is deafblind and former high-tech executive, brings a unique perspective to new role as Perkins’ CEO and president


Please touch: Perkins’ Tactile Museum embraces an unusual mandate

Hands-on appeal distinguishes Perkins’ Tactile Museum from other archives


A world of difference

For a quarter century, graduates of Perkins’ Educational Leadership Program have driven positive change in their home countries

Q and A

As a trainer for Perkins Products, Joann Becker helps people who are blind or visually impaired discover and learn how to use assistive technology. Her clients range in age from 4 to 94, offering her interesting challenges every day. Becker, who is blind, recently talked to Perspectives about the future of assistive technology and how it’s transforming lives.

Meet Joann Becker 

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