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Accessible Science Webcast and Pilot Website

Accessible Science, image of the periodic table

Perkins Training and Educational Resources Program presents the first in a series of webcasts accompanying a pilot website focused exclusively on making science accessible to students who are blind or visually impaired.

In the on-demand webcast, “Accessible Science: Life Sciences" Perkins Science Teacher Kate Fraser outlines teaching strategies and adaptations to make science lessons and activities accessible to students who are visually impaired. It is the first of a series looking at specific fields within science education.

Along with the webcast, our Accessible Science website features activity plans, product tips, materials, and other resources for science teachers working with students who are visually impaired. Remember to check back frequently for new content and webcasts.

We Want to Learn From You

We want this website to host an interactive exchange of ideas. We invite you to share your comments, stories, and teachable experiences with us and with each other. The “submit your story” feature allows you to do just that and we are eager to see your contributions. With your help, we hope to make this a very dynamic site.

About Perkins Training and Educational Resources Program

Our goal in the Perkins Training and Educational Resources Program is sharing the experience and educational expertise of Perkins staff with other professionals. Perkins School for the Blind trains more teachers, professionals and administrators working in blindness, deafblindness or multiple disabilities than any other agency in New England. Learn more.