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About Perkins International

A visually impaired toddler shares his biggest smile, India

Perkins International is committed to helping marginalized populations who are blind, deafblind, or blind with additional disabilities unlock their potential and realize their unique value as members of their communities.

We invite you to learn about our work with local partners in 67 countries by visiting our international website at

You can help us transform the lives of individuals, families, and communities. The links below will take you directly to sections of the website outlining what we do, where we work, and the success stories that communicate why we do it.

What We Do

Everything we do falls under the following four key focus areas. We invite you to explore these initiatives by clicking on the links below to learn more about what we do, why we do it, and how you can join us to improve the lives of children with disabilities worldwide.



A woman teaching braille to a student in Romania A mother speaking to her son who is deafblind
Inside This Section:

Program Model Development

Developing University Training Programs

Advancing Braille Literacy

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Advocating for Policies Supporting the United Nations CRPD

Supporting Parents

Information and Technology

Leadership Development

a young girl uses a light-up magnifier to read Perkins ELPs
Inside This Section:

Developing & Translating Materials

Providing Access to Perkins Braillers

Kilimanjaro Blind Trust

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Educational Leadership Program (ELP)

Institutional Development Program (IDP)

Where We Work

Mouse over a specific region to learn more about our work in that area and view examples of recent achievements and current projects.

A boy who is blind in Ghana using sign language   A girl in Indonesia   A boy in Bulgaria



Asia and the Pacific


Europe and Eurasia

A boy writing in Costa Rica   A girl in Lebanon   the 2012 ELPs

Latin America and the Caribbean


Middle East and North Africa


Right here on campus

Success Stories

Our experience confirms that when children with disabilities have the opportunity to receive an education, their lives—in addition to the lives of their families and communities—are remarkably transformed.

For every story below, there are thousands more we have been privileged to witness over the last 20+ years. Together we can continue to change what it means to be blind, deafblind, or multiply disabled worldwide.

FUNDAL story

One Boy’s Strength Inspires Change in an Entire Region

When Alex was born there were no services for children with multiple disabilities in Guatemala. Today a program founded in his name is improving hundreds of lives.

Atanas stepping out into the world

Stepping Out into the World: Atanas’ Story

Learn how the world became a bigger place for Atanas when he came to Bulgaria's Sofia School for the Blind.

trophy presentation at Braille Cup Ghana

Braille Cup - Ghana

Ghana's first-ever national braille competition inspires students who are blind to use literacy as a tool for independence.

A mother and her son in Guatemala

Latin America website helps partners connect

Perkins International’s Latin America Spanish-language website is helping educators and families share valuable resources to improve the lives of children with multiple disabilities.

The Jenjira Family

From school to success in Thailand

When Jenjira completed her education at Thailand's Northern School for the Blind, her teachers wanted to give her every opportunity to succeed back home. That opportunity came in the form of a washing machine.