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Secondary Program

Perkins' Secondary Program is a community of students, teachers, clinicians and residential staff who share a common goal: to realize the potential of each student in an environment that encourages excellence, recognizes the capabilities of the individual and fosters growth and independence. Through individual and group instruction, students ages 14-22 develop organizational, reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, all while having a positive and exciting high school experience.

Two blind students standing on the outdoor track at Perkins.
Two blind students standing on the outdoor track at Perkins.

Ready for adulthood, ready for the world

After-school sports. The prom. College applications and resumes for job applications. These are just a few things that are equated with the American high school experience. Students in the Secondary Program at Perkins can experience all of these things, but also have access to specialized services targeted for their unique needs, ensuring that they will excel in their chosen field and will be able to lead fulfilling lives.

The program's curriculum emphasizes traditional academics, vocational exploration, work experience, social and independent living skills, and the productive use of leisure time. The Secondary Program provides a diploma program as well as a functional academics program.

Secondary Program components include:


  • Courses in academic, prevocational, independent living, social and recreational areas
  • Case management and clinical services
  • Teachers certified in vision, special needs and/or special subject areas
  • Residences with a program of instruction in social and independent living skills
  • Supervised after-school study halls
  • Health services support

Individualization and Flexibility

  • Remedial and specialized instruction
  • Individualized programs and schedules
  • Extended day, year and summer programs
  • Departmentalized or partially classroom-based programs

Enrollment Options:

We work with parents and school districts to find the right course of study for each student. Depending on the student's abilities and goals, a variety of enrollment options are offered for both residential and day students:

  • A two- to three-year middle school program with required courses.
  • A traditional graded, accredited four- to five-year program leading to a high school diploma with optional course work and Perkins staff support at nearby public high schools.
  • An individualized four- to six-year non-graded program that leads to a certificate.
  • One- to two-year programs to help students develop readiness for vocational or post-secondary services. We often offer this to students who have completed high school in a public school setting but need services specifically for the visually impaired before starting college or their first job.

Click for more information about Secondary Program Curriculum Options and Secondary Program Featured Classes and Ongoing Projects. For more information on Perkins Secondary Program, contact Pat McCall at 617-972-7236. You can also visit our Admissions page.