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The Research Library gets a number of requests from students, researchers, community members, and others. We're always glad to help with questions by email (preferred) or phone, but have collected some additional resources and information about common topics below.

Online Resources:

  • Research Library Catalog: Search our catalog to find over 48,000 items including books, dissertations, journal articles, pamphlets and other items related to blindness, deafblindness, blindness education and the history of Perkins. Help with searching the catalog is also available.
  • Perkins Archives and digital collections: Many items in our Archives are now available online. The Archives website provides details about these collections and many other items relating to Perkins history, such as: Samuel Gridley Howe, Laura Bridgman, Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller (along with other individuals associated with Perkins.)
  • Scout is an information clearinghouse with online resources on all aspects of visual impairments and blindness, maintained by the Training and Educational Resources Program at Perkins.
  • Directory of Massachusetts Agencies Serving Individuals Who Are Blind is a searchable list of services for persons who are blind or visually impaired in Massachusetts. The Directory search from the American Foundation for the Blind lists a variety of resources and can be searched by state or province as well as type of service.
  • The Research Library has a subscription to ERIC Full Text, a database of journal articles, dissertations, and other research material focused on education. Access is available for Perkins staff (please contact the Research Library and we'll get you started). Access is available to members of the general public while visiting the Research Library.

Resource Lists:

  • Resources for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments (PDF and RTF versions): 9 pages of resources for parents including books, websites, and organizations of interest.
  • Sign Language resources (PDF version): Perkins offers classes in Signed English to the community. This handout lists further resources available in the Research Library and online.
  • Additional handouts providing details about copyright, the Research Library, and information for community visitors are available in the library.

School Projects

Email us at with information about your project, grade level, and what kind of information you’re looking for.  We welcome requests from both students and teachers.

Do you have photos I can use in my school project?

We provide a number of photographs of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan (among others) that you can use for free in school and non-commercial projects.

Do you have materials to help with a school assignment?

We do! First, you might want to check out the Perkins History Museum, which has information about Perkins, many people associated with it, and the history of blindness education.

We also have handouts and other materials about a variety of topics, including Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan, Laura Bridgman, braille, and the history of Perkins. Some of the materials we’d love to share with you include:

  • Copies of essays and articles about these people and why their lives were important.
  • Braille cards that let you feel and identify the individual letters.
  • Photographs and films (available online) about the school and famous people associated with it.
  • Documents about the school, and the education of the blind and deafblind.

If you include your mailing address, we can send you some additional handouts and items related to your question. We are currently working on updating a number of our handouts, let us know what topics you’re particularly interested in.

What are good books about Helen Keller?

Email or call with your question and we’d be glad to help find specific resources for you.

Do you have information about other people who are blind or visually impaired?

View a list of famous people who are blind or visually impaired that you can learn more about. There are links to information about them, their lives and accomplishments.