Hayes Research Library

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Monday through Friday
8:15 am to 4:15 pm

The Samuel P. Hayes Research Library is a resource for researchers, the Perkins community, professionals, parents and the public. It is also home to the Perkins Archives, which house historical collections of documents, photographs and other artifacts related to the history of Perkins and the education of the blind and deafblind. 

The Hayes Research Library

The Hayes Research Library offers the largest and most comprehensive collection on the non-medical aspects of blindness and deafblindness open to the public. Our online catalog includes more than 48,000 books, pamphlets, journal articles, newspaper clippings, dissertations, conference reports and multimedia materials. We also include links to hundreds of useful websites.

Material from the Research Library does not circulate, but we are glad to provide access to visitors or make materials available in other ways.  

We also offer a variety of materials for students and teachers doing school projects about Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan, Laura Bridgman, braille or other topics in blindness education. Visit the School Projects section of Research Library Resources for more information.

The Perkins Archives

The Perkins Archives contain invaluable primary source documents, with collections related to the history of education for people who are blind and deafblind, institutional archives and correspondence of significant figures in the school’s history such as Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan, Laura Bridgman and Samuel Gridley Howe.

Hundreds of historical documents and photographs have been digitized and may be viewed online, along with digital versions of the school’s Annual Reports and other publications. Access to Archives materials is by appointment only: please review our information on arranging a visit.

Have a question?

We can answer many questions by email at hayeslibrary@perkins.org or by phone at 617-972-7250. Our Frequently Asked Questions has additional information about some common queries.