Volunteer Opportunities

a woman sitting in a kids classroom

Perkins volunteers make a difference.

Here are some of the possible volunteer opportunities at Perkins. You can also call the Volunteer Office at 617-972-7224 or email Volunteers@Perkins.org. To apply to be a volunteer, please fill out the Perkins' volunteer application »

Positions that interact with students

Adapted Aquatics Aide: Assist Preschool, Lower School or Secondary students with their aquatics goals. Volunteers should be prepared to go into the pool. Commitment: approximately two hours per week.

Adapted Phys. Education Aide: Assist instructor with activities that focus on rhythm and gross motor movements, as well as other fitness activities. Commitment: approximately two hours per week over a period of six months.

Book Buddy: Read Talking Book Topics catalog to library patron over the phone and order selected titles. Commitment: one to two hours every other month.

Classroom Aide: Assist teachers in the Lower School (elementary age) or Secondary Program (high school age) in helping students attain the goals outlined in their individual programs. Supervision and training provided by the classroom teacher. Commitment: one morning or afternoon per week for six months.

Companion: Work one to one with a student with exercise, activities, or reading .Commitment: one to two hours per week.

Cottage Aide: Assist with activities in the Lower School or Secondary cottages, from playing table games to reading various materials to a student or group of students. Commitment: two or three hours per week.

Early Learning Center aide: Assist teachers with children ages 3 years to 6 years who are blind and/or multi-impaired to explore the community. Commitment: three to four hours per week.

Infant/toddler Aide: Assist teachers with children ages newborn to 3 years old who are blind and/or multi- impaired. This is a hands-on approach involving various activities to improve movement, play and sensory awareness. Commitment: three hours per week.

On Call Volunteer: Assist with one-time events or activities on and off campus. Commitment: varies greatly depending on the needs and length of activity.

Reader/Tutor: Read written and printed materials, from textbooks, handouts and more, to students or to staff who are visually impaired. Provide occasional assistance in writing materials. Commitment: one to two hours per week.

Technical/Recreation Aide:  Assist staff in implementing planned recreational activities; including but not limited to music, radio show, computer and games. Commitment: two hours per week.

Positions with limited or no student interaction

Assistive Device Center Aide: Assist with basic carpentry, woodworking, repair and refurbishing of broken toys and sewing, as well as painting and cardboard carpentry. Commitment: flexible days, minimum two hours per week.

Audio Reviewer: Listen to recorded material produced in the Perkins Library studio while reading along with the printed text, marking any errors in the printed text for correction. Commitment: approximately two hours per week for one year.

BlindWays: There are hundreds of bus stops in the Boston area, and we need your help entering clues for each one. Download the BlindWays iPhone app and volunteer on your own time in a location convenient to you.

Clerical Aide: Help with administrative functions such as filing, collating and data entry and other office tasks. Commitment: minimum two hours per week over a period of six months.

Horticultural Aide: Assist with watering plants and general plant maintenance in the horticulture center on weekends, holidays and school vacations throughout the year. Must have a “green thumb.” Commitment: weekends, holidays and/or school vacations.

Inspector: Assist library staff with maintaining and organizing library materials, including books and magazines in braille, digital format and audio tape. Training provided by library staff. Commitment: minimum two hours per week.

Narrator /Monitor: Must pass an audition. Record books at the recording studio at the Perkins Library. Preference given to someone with experience in this area. Commitment: approximately two hours per week for one year.