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Diagnostic Evaluation Services

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Diagnostic Evaluations

Helping Others Help Their Students

Students who are visually impaired, deafblind, or deaf with other disabilities have unique learning needs. Their education programs will greatly impact their future and the way they learn and grow.

To address the special needs of these students and to help them realize their greatest potential, it is essential that parents and school staff have a clear understanding of each student's abilities and needs. That is why Perkins offers evaluations for students in public, home or private school settings.


A teacher evaluates a student in a science classroom

Approximately 35 children come to Perkins every year for a diagnostic evaluation.

Diagnosing Needs, Evaluating Potential

Formally evaluating each student's strengths and needs allows teachers and parents to develop individualized education programs that provide appropriate learning experiences for the student. Our teams of experts provide evaluations for students between the ages of three and 21. Evaluators can assess a specific area of development such as cognition, communication, motor, or vision-related compensatory skills, as well as provide a comprehensive evaluation in several areas. The evaluation takes place over one or two days on the Perkins campus. Either parents or school districts may pay for the evaluation.

Perkins uses a team approach, with each evaluator assessing the student in his or her area of expertise. Comprised of the teaching and clinical/related service professionals who work directly with the students enrolled in one of Perkins' four on-campus programs (Early Learning Center, Lower School, Secondary, Deafblind), our evaluation teams have unparalleled knowledge of and experience with students who are blind, deafblind, and deaf with other disabilities. When an evaluation is complete, a comprehensive evaluation report with recommendations for the student's educational program and community environment is provided.

Perkins' nearly two centuries of expertise can help you develop an appropriate education program for your student or child. For additional information about Diagnostic Evaluation Services, please contact Justine C. Rines, Evaluations Coordinator, at 617.972.7456 or