Amber and her son Ivan holding a certificate
May 5

WonderBaby.org founder Amber Bobnar’s work has touched thousands of families of children with disabilities.

Photo of Millie Smith touching her hand and smiling.
May 12

In this one-day workshop with Millie Smith, participants will learn to identify the characteristics of learning at the sensorimotor stage and more.

A large group of students and staff at Institución Sullai in Córdoba dressed in brightly colored outfits and playing drums as they welcomed visitors from Perkins School for the Blind.
Fall 2015

An eye-opening trip to Argentina reveals how Perkins International’s support has energized blindness education in Córdoba Province. Will the rest of the world follow?

We’re making a difference with your help

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
Helen Keller

a graphic icon showing the number 28,990

28,990 people borrowing braille or audio books from the Perkins Library in the past year

78% infographic icon

78% increase in children, adults, educators, and caregivers around the world reached by Perkins International in the last six years

a stylized icon showing 23,246 people

23,246 people living more independently thanks to assistive technology from Perkins Solutions

Student Isais pushes a shopping cart in a supermarket as teacher Pamela Oddis accompanies him.
May 5

A day in the life of a community teacher: Pamela Oddis travels around the state to teach children who are blind how to navigate safely and independently

A Perkins student smells a bouquet of flowers
May 2

At Perkins School for the Blind, flowers are used to teach hands-on science lessons, enhance social skills and make art come alive.

A guide dog lying down
April 27

Perkins employees describe the unique bond that exists between themselves and their guide dogs.