Lisa DiBonaventura, Dr. Barry Kran and Dr. Jean E. Ramsey
March 24

Kran and his colleague were recognized for their work to improve vision care for people with disabilities.

Grousbeck Center
April 2

A monthly opportunity to learn how our Educational Programs support students everywhere, from Perkins’ campus to public schools.

Jennifer Siff using a white cane to navigate Watertown Square.
October 16

Understanding students' navigational challenges is crucial for orientation and mobility specialists.

We’re making a difference with your help

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
Helen Keller

a graphic icon showing the number 28,675

28,675 people borrowing braille or audio books from the Perkins Library in the past year

195% infographic icon

195% increase in children, adults, educators, and caregivers around the world reached by Perkins International in the last five years

a stylized icon showing 13,702 people

15,857 people living more independently thanks to assistive technology from Perkins Solutions

small boy crawling in rolling sensory tube
March 27

From trampolines to mystery aromas, kids who are blind and their parents enjoy sensory integration activities.

Lee Vollemans waves during a training run as she passes a grassy lawn
March 26

The Boston Marathon isn’t just a race for Lee Vollemans. It’s a way to support Perkins, where three generations of her family helped kids who are blind.

Milky Way galaxy in space
March 25

A free downloadable e-book turns science and astronomy into interactive fun for every student.